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Port City Partner Marketing Program

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – [Hosting Headlines] – Port City Web, a web hosting, design and development company, has developed a formal partnership program for Advertising Agencies and Marketing Communication firms.

Port City Web has been helping Advertising Agencies and Marketing Communication firms develop interactive and eCommerce websites for their clients for the past 8 years. The announcement, and the formalization of the partner program, is intended to reach out to more firms and establish relationships quicker, as well as standardize the terms of the relationships. Port City Web recognizes that each relationship between itself and another firm is different, however there are many similarities that have been accounted for in the new partner program.

Erik Crago, President and CEO of Port City Web noted, ”The partner program is an excellent opportunity for Ad Agencies and Marketing Communication firms to get a highly skilled consulting and development team on-demand and very quickly. Let’s face it, Ad Agencies and Marketing Communication firms tend to have a junior developer on staff that has limited skills, or they outsource their work altogether. When it comes to talking intelligently about using interactive and web technologies to help a customer exceed expectations, most Ad Agencies and Marketing Communication firms find our services invaluable. By partnering with Port City Web, we act as consultants, web designers and developers — helping agencies win those bigger projects that have a significant web component.”

One of the biggest challenges that Ad Agencies and Marketing Communication firms face is taking a television, radio or print campaign online, and having it be successful. When designing for television, radio or print, one is trying to make the ad ‘pop’ and get someone’s attention in a relatively quick and compelling way. When designing a website, the focus should be on the content in most cases.

Mr. Crago added, ”Print designers who try to develop websites tend to put too much emphasis on the design of the site, which then overpowers the content — so the message is lost, making the website useless. This fatal flaw is even more dangerous when designing an eCommerce website, where the primary purpose is selling goods online. By designing the site to sell the product or the message, and matching the current branding with the site, we can successfully develop a website that will be powerful and effective, making the Ad Agency or Marketing Communications company look like a hero in the eyes of their client.”

Port City Web is a full-service website hosting, design, development, and marketing company. Specializing in online commerce, also known as ecommerce, Port City Web provides cost effective electronic marketing tools that are built to work with current systems, including web 2.0 business solutions. Past and present clients include The University of New Hampshire, Born and Bicknell, Columbia University, Service Credit Union, NAPS, K2, Lonza Biologics and Smith and Wesson.

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